Kindly allow us to introduce Kosher Mart Foods to your facility. We specialize in the distribution of Kosher Food products for long-term care facilities throughout the United States. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks can accommodate your specific delivery needs.

Our twenty plus years of experience and outstanding Customer Service has proven us to be a reliable and cost effective source for Kosher Facilities such as yours. We understand and value the importance of Kashrus and have made it our number one priority. All of our products are under the strictest National Supervisions which are recognized throughout the world. They include The Orthodox Union O-U, Star K, CRC, and Kof-K.

Our product line includes: Meat, Poultry, Fresh and Frozen Fish, Parve Desserts, Grocery, Frozen Food, Dairy, Nutritional Supplements, and a complete line of Passover products.

Our Parve desserts include pies, sheet cakes, loaf cakes, finger desserts, cookies, bake off rugalech, danishes, hamantashen, parve ice cream, parve sorbet including sugar free and Kosher for Passover.

We offer both Glatt and Non Glatt portion controlled Beef, Lamb, and Veal. Our Non Glatt Beef is from grass fed Midwestern cattle. All meats are USDA selected prime or choice grade. Our portion controlled cuts allow you the flexibility to better manage your food costs.

We offer various Poultry options including Empire Kosher Poultry, David Elliot Poultry, Nature’s Best Poultry, Alle Processing, and Wise Organic.


Our Mission Statement:

At Kosher Mart Foods we have enjoyed considerable growth and success over the years as we continue to offer the best in Kosher food service distribution nationwide. We have established ourselves as a leader in consistently providing Quality, Service, and Price while maintaining a high level of Kashrus while maintaining a long term relationship with our customers.

We are proud and honored to be recognized as approved vendors for Aramark, Morrison Senior Dining, Sodexho Services, and Compass Group

We are owned and operated by Deli On The Go, Inc., Leo Schwartzberg is the President and oversees all daily operations. You may reach him at or call us toll free (800) 456-6488 with any questions. Also, you may request an appointment to review our product line. It is our goal to obtain the widest selection of quality kosher foods that will allow you, our food service partners, the means to present the most cost effective meals without sacrificing quality